Madagascar photographers trip


On this trip you have the unique opportunity to shoot very special photos. Madagascar’s nature is fascinating and varied – it is one of the places with the highest biodiversity! Numerous endemic plants and animals are shown to you by our qualified guides who will take you to the most beautiful places on the island – into the wild south to the Berenty nature reserve, into the green rainforest on the east of the island with the Canal de Pangalenes and into the arid west to the unique Baobab Alley and the Tsingy World Heritage Site of Bemaraha.

22 days  of incredible and unique experiences and in the end – thousands of exclusive pictures!

1st day: Welcome to Madagascar!

Entry to Antananarivo, the capital city of Madagascar. Reception by the local agency at Ivato airport and transfer to the city. Overnight in a city hotel with breakfast.

capture the dancing lemurs in Berenty reserve

2nd day: Antananarivo – Fort Dauphin – Berenty 85 km

Early morning transfer to the airport and flight to Fort Dauphin. Once there, we will visit the famous Berenty Nature Reserve, a private reserve of 250 ha., situated about 85 km south of Taolagnaro. At dawn, on a guided walk, we seek out for the nocturnal inhabitants of the park, such as the little mouse-headed maki with their huge eyes. We will stay 3 nights including breakfast at the Berenty Lodge.

3rd – 4th Day: Home of the dancing lemurs in Berenty

We take a long hike through the Berenty Park, where you can observe lemurs and dancing sifakas jumping through trees and of course take pictures. You will also experience first-hand how the cheeky ring-tailed lemurs, called “Kattas” steal bananas from your hand. In the afternoon there will be enough time to explore the reserve on your own.

Fort Dauphin

5th day: Berenty – Fort Dauphin

The bizarre thorn country of Antandroy is a world sensation. In the semi-desert grows a thornbush forest, which is comparable to no other place on earth – unlike flora will be waiting for you to discover – up to 10 m high Didieracaees, on whichs undergrowth succulent orchids are growing – for example, the enchanting Sobennikoffia humbertiana, with up to 30 cm high inflorescences. Thick-bellied Pachypodium trees stand next to large aloes, and one or the other Baobab – a magnificent and unique plant world!

In the afternoon we drive back to Fort Dauphin and visit the Mahafaly tombs, decorated with bizarre wood carvings. Overnight with half board service in a hotel.

Day 6: Fort Dauphin – Nahampoina

Day trip to the Nahampoina Reserve to capture the dancing sifakas and spend an incredible moment. The white lemurs are kind of shining on the coloured earth. Unlike the other lemurs, this species is moving with only two feet on the ground – jumping around the seem like dancing! Overnight with half board.

Day 7: Fort Dauphin – private flight to Morondava

After breakfast transfer to the airport and flight to Morondava, in the south west of Madagascar. The afternoon is a moment for leisure time – enjoy a swim in the all year long perfectly temperature canal de Mozambique or take a walk at the long beach. You have also the opportunity to photograph the unique and impressive baobab alley. Overnight with half board in a beach hotel.

discover the famous Baobab Alley

8th day: Morondava

The day is at leisure purpose – you will have another opportunity to photograph the Baobab Allee! The trees there are up to 30m high and several hundred years old! It is incredible to see how the atmosphere changes at the alley through the day, for example at dusk. Take the perfect shot at sunset and keep a unique memorie for lifetime!  Overnight with half board at the beach hotel Le Renala.

Day 9: Morondava – Bekopaka – 200 km

Early morning drive on the gravel road via Belo sur Tsiribihina, through the rivers Tsiribihina and Manambolo to Bekopaka. 3 nights in a lodge with half board service at the Olympe de Bemaraha.

Tsingy de Bemaraha – UNESCO world heritage

10th-11th Day: Tsingy of Bemaraha

2-day visit and hike in the UNESCO World Heritage Tsingy of Bemaraha. The first day 5-6 hour hike to the big Tsingy and a visit of little Tsingy with a labyrinth of gorges the next day. These limestone rock formations have peaks of up to 50 meters! Thousands of years ago coral reefs came to the surface through tectonic displacement, when the sea went down. Since then they were carved by water and wind to these fascinating structures. Numerous caves and gorges provide a protected and very special habitat for lemurs and other animals.

dry forest – Kirindy reserve

Day 12: Bekopaka – Kirindy – 130 km

After breakfast we head to the Kirindy Reserve. In the evening a small excursion with the local guide through the dry forest is on the plan. Here you can observe the nocturnal lemurs: mouse lemur, weasel lemur and kitty lemur. With a little luck you might even see a Fosa, Madagascar’s biggest predator. Overnight with half board service in cabins in the forest.

Day 13: Kirindy – Morondava – 70 km

In the morning, visit of the Kirindy Reserve again. The dry forest of Kirindy spreads over 12,500 hectares and is home to 8 lemurs as well as the largest predator of Madagascar: the Fosa, a puma-like animal. Furthermore, there are about 40 species of birds, 50 different reptiles and 15 species of amphibians to discover here.

In the afternoon we will drive to Morondava again and stop by the Baobab Amoureux – two „loving” Baobabs that are intertwined and then we will pass the fascinating avenue de Baobab again as well. 2 nights with half board service at the beach hotel Le Renala.

Day 14: Morondava

The day is free to relax or to visit the Betania fishing village.

Day 15: Morondava – Antananarivo – 653 km

We will drive back to the capital Antananarivo. Overnight with half board service in a hotel.

into the wild and green – rainforest in Madagascars east


Day 16: Antananarivo – Akanin’ny Nofy 250 km

After breakfast we will drive towards the east coast and stop at the Marozevo Chameleon farm. Here you can observe the quaint reptiles at the „tongue shot“ and have the opportunity to photograph even more, even very rare reptiles. Then transfer to a boat and transfer across the Canal de Pangalanes, a network of waterways and small lakes. Since your accommodation is located above the sandy beach of Akanin’ny Nofy Lake, the lake can also be used for swimming. 3 nights with half board at Palmarium Lodge.

17th-18th Day: Akanin’ny Nofy 

We will do a 2-day tour in the Palmarium rainforest to photograph the numerous types of lemurs and, with some luck, leaf-tailed geckos, stick insects and chameleons. On an evening walk you can observe the strange lemur species Aye Aye on an island. The Palmarium Lodge is located in the unique nature of the rainforest – you will be part of the nature with lemurs sitting on the lodges and all around on trees – wake up to their screaming and have a unique experience.

Day 19: Akanin’ny Nofy – Canal de Pangalanes – Andasibe 

73 km boat transfer and a beautiful ride over the Canal de Pangalanes to Tamatave, on which coasts you can see mangrove trees, small villages, fishermen and playing children. Then we continue through fascinating landscapes and evergreen rainforests towards Andasibe National Park (230 km). 2 nights with half board service at the Vakona Forest Lodge.

Day 20: Andasibe National Park 

In the morning we will visit the Andasibe National Park and in the afternoon we will visit the Vakona Reserve, where you can experience lemurs „up close“.

Day 21: Andasibe National Park – Antananarivo – 150 km

Morning excursion into the Périnet National Park to see the great Indris – the biggest lemur species. An Indri concert is one of the unforgettable nature experiences of this journey. Then we drive through the highlands, past the typical red laterite houses, rice terraces and wide farmland back to Antananarivo. Overnight with half board service in a city hotel.

Day 22: Capital – flight home

Transfer to the airport and flight home. We hope you will have unique pictures and unforgettable memories.